Victoria Hall has been transformed into Camelot.

French people roam to and fro, and the battle with the killer bunny rages on.

Jamie Hunt, French Guard

This french person will insult you, but he knows all about art.

The knights have been out riding on their quest for months, and Arthur has pumped them so full of Dutch courage that even mysterious enchanters guarding caves from Scotland are no match for them.

Steve Russell as Arthur, King of the Britons

Arthur, King of the Britons

Also, the costumes are insane, the girls are sexy, and the choreography is, apparently, to die for; there will be blood!

Marley Budreau, Laker Girl

This is a Laker Girl. She and the rest of her Laker kin may be spotted escorting the Lady of the Lake to and from various social functions, knightings and other aquatic ceremonies.

And, there are rumors of a divine appearance from a grumpy deity, and maybe even a fairy diva from a lake, or something.

Sir Robin and his Minstrels

Sir Robin and his Minstrels

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