In her own words: Erin Welsh, Assistant to the Producer

Erin Welsh

It was 5 years ago that I moved back to Cobourg and was introduced to the VOS.  The following year I auditioned for my first show and have been hooked ever since!! It’s hard to believe the journey I have been on during the last few years.

I started out acting in shows and very quickly became intrigued with what goes on backstage and behind the scenes.  So far I have been on stage in 4 shows, worked on props for one, front of house for another and then tried my hand at being the understudy and all the plethora of things you learn from that! I have also spent many hours promoting our group at different events as the marketing person on Board of Directors (with the help of our tireless volunteers and other board members of course!)

Last spring when the VOS decided to tackle the adventure of Spamalot I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at something off-stage.  When I approached Liz to tell her that I would be interested in working on this show I could never have imagined the role that she would ask me to take on.  Being assistant to the producer has proven to be an experience that has taught me more about theatre than I ever could have learned on stage.

Erin Welsh as Mrs Cratchit

My days now consist of all of the things that Joel mentioned in his last blob entry – teaching children and all that entails, marking tests and reading stories, while trying to organize sponsors, keep our show advertised on any website that will take us, paying bills, making phone calls, building spam can castles, setting up displays, sourcing giant cows, buying costumes on risqué websites that come with interesting free gifts, enjoying watching the growth of actors on stage, and watching a show develop from the script, to the vision of the directors and then the final product polished and performed by many talented actors.  All the while spending countless hours with Liz, our fearless producer, a lady who has taught me more than even she could guess!

Thank you to everyone involved in this amazing experience!