A spotlight shines backstage… On Jim and Jamie Finan


Two people who have been integral in creating sets, props, costumes and who have been endless wells of enthusiasm, are Jim and Jamie Finan.

Jim was tasked with creating the Black Knight, among other things. Apparently his testing has only caused minor flesh wounds so far, but we are still hoping for a real gusher.

Here is what they had to say for themselves.

Jamie grew up in Stratford, Ontario and majored in Geography. A gifted and caring instructor, Jamie’s services have been employed by several school boards in Ontario. Over the years, Jamie has answered the call to assist various choirs, drama presentations, and teams in a variety of capacities. Just one career highlight would be her tremendous success with “at risk” students at Durham College.
Jim and Jamie were part of the original team (along with Jim Storms and James Rainey) that started Stratford Musical Theatre in 1979.

Jim was born in Hamilton, Ontario and did his earliest work at Theatre-In-The-Park and Hamilton Theatre Incorporated. For many years he taught English, Music, Drama, and Tech Studies. In 1982 Jim was accepted into the Banff School of Fine Arts Musical Theatre (summer) program where he played leads in Stephen Schwartz’s “Working” and Berthold Brecht’s “Three Penny Opera”. In the following year, he was invited to return as a staff stage director and scene study coach for the summer program and its major production, “West Side Story”.
Jim has directed countless secondary school musical and drama productions. A side interest in computers led to further study and he eventually became a regional technology consultant for the Durham Catholic District School Board. He retired as a secondary school vice-principal. He is very proud of his ex-students who pop up on TV in dramas and commercials.
When Jim and Jamie retired they looked about for a small town somewhere between their two kids, Catherine in Ottawa, and Scott in Ajax….Hello, Cobourg!

This year, the Finans are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. And the haters said it wouldn’t last!!!
Jim and Jamie are the executive officers of StudentLink Canada Ltd., an educational software business serving school boards in Ontario and Alberta.
“Were delighted to assist the Victoria Operetta Society in any way we can. It’s great to be part of Cobourg’s arts community and make so many new friends.

Cheers to that!