Sir Not Appearing in This Show Runs His Lines


Blake Holton of Northumberland Sunrise Rotary prepares for his role as “Sir Not Appearing in This Show” at the April 18th performance of VOS Theatre’s Spamalot

Rotary has reserved the April 18th performance of the VOS production as their annual fundraiser. The evening will include a dessert reception and red carpet and should prove to be a great kick off for the show’s run at Victoria Hall in Cobourg until it closes on April 27th.

Contact a Northumberland Sunrise Rotarian for a ticket to the April 18th fundraising gala.

When asked for comment, Mr. Holton simply told us to go away, he was working on his lines, and he wasn’t giving back the costume, and that he would expect his sword to be at least 6 inches longer than Excalibur.  He said his agent would be “touch”.  Bloody thespians.  I need a drink.


Tickets for other performances are available by calling the box office at 905-372-2210