The Drill is Mightier than the Router

A Drill

That’s categorically untrue, of course.  But really it just comes down to whose bits are sharper, no?

I thought I’d visit the fellas in the VOS barn last night to see what was cooking.  I have no idea what they were doing.  They were more than happy to pose for a photo, so here’s that.

Alan, Jim, Garth and John

I thought they were happy to see me, but really they just wanted rid of me so they could go back to their power tools.

See?  Look at Jim.  He’s out to kill.  Or possibly just maim. At the very least, he frightened me off before I could discover the truth about what goes on in there.

Not so tall now, is he?

Not so tall now, is he?

Anyways, here is some other evidence that nothing much is going on here at all, except some drilling, grinding , sawing, and coffee drinking.

Nothing here to see, move along.